Platinum Studios is an entertainment company that specializes in developing and adapting comics and graphic novel content to feature film, television, animation, games, the Internet, and other media. Our independent library of comic characters is one of the largest in the world and contains more than 3,800 characters that have appeared in hundreds of millions of comics in 25 languages and more than 50 countries.

Simply put, we create, produce, and distribute comic-based content, and lots of it.


Platinum Studios was founded in 1997 by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg following a successful career in the comic book industry as creator and head of Malibu Comics. At Malibu Comics, Mr. Rosenberg produced popular and innovative comics lines, including the Men in Black comic book, which he later brought to Columbia/Sony Pictures to become a billion-dollar entertainment franchise.


Platinum has film and television projects established at every major Hollywood studio, including Disney, DreamWorks SKG, MGM, Miramax, New Line Cinema, Sony, and Universal.


Comics are not just for print anymore. Online comic sites and comic-based online games are booming. Platinum Studios continues to develop its online strategy with major announcements coming soon. Our Digital Studio division, currently under construction, will develop new animated and eComic content for online, wireless, and gaming use as well as direct-to-DVD production.


Platinum Studios is in a unique position as a content producer and distributor. Unlike many of the traditional print comic publishers, our huge library of comic characters is largely unfettered by prior licensing agreements. Through direct ownership or contract, we fully control the film and television rights to all of our characters, and are free to produce films or license those rights in whatever way is needed to make the deal.


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